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Pilates for EVERY BODY

Ora Pilates Studio in Köln

 Pilates for EVERY BODY


Pilates Studio

Discover your Innermost Power through Pilates Personal Training

Together we will achieve your individual goals. You can also look forward to the following results:

  • Alleviate or completely eliminate pain

  • Relieve tension in the shoulders and neck area and other symptoms typical of an office job

  • A stronger core

  • Being able to feel and control the deeper abdominal muscles again and thus a stronger pelvic floor - very important for everyone regardless of gender

  • Increase your mobility without the risk of injury, because in Pilates we usually don't move to the limit of our range of motion

  • And on top of that: lasting results, an upright posture, an improved perception of your own body and a better relationship with it, more calm and resilience, more energy, an overall increased quality of life and...

  • ... pure bliss!



Enjoy the advantages of a training session just as special and individual as YOU are. Tailored to your goals and needs.

You can train with me from less than 86€ per hour.


Forget about the typical Pilates Body cliché, which sets specific standards of appearance.

Just come as you are and do Pilates. This way you’ll have a Pilates body right away: it's that simple!


At the studio I exclusively offer personal training for individuals and pairs. Additionally, I also have a LIVE online group class.

Fully flexible and convenient, every Monday at 5 p.m., suitable for all levels. This class is currently only taught in German.

Learn more about Pilates and ORA in less than 90 seconds

Welcome to ORA Pilates Studio, the first studio in Cologne specializing in Pilates Personal Training. Here you can train in a private atmosphere and, thanks to professional, compassionate support, you will achieve your goals effectively and sustainably.

Deep core activation, focus and control are only a few of the elements that make Pilates an effective full-body workout. With the Pilates Apparatus the training can be varied and adapted to any age, body shape and level of fitness.

During the training session you can immerse yourself completely in the present moment and focus on yourself; indeed, "ora" is the Italian word for "now".
If you are interested in pursuing conscious, effective and sustainable training, you have come to the right place and I look forward to your first session.

Welcome to the Here-and-Now, welcome to ORA.

Valeria Perrelli

Having studied and previously worked as an engineer, I gathered firsthand experience of the typical problems everyday office life brings along.
I came to Pilates during my time as a project manager and business consultant. I discovered this holistic training not only as an effective antidote to my work-related tension and pain, but also as a way to center myself and align body and mind.
I started my first Pilates Teacher Training in 2017 and found my calling through it. From engineering to Pilates: a radical change, one might think. But maybe the development is not so far-fetched. Moving to Pilates, I have simply shifted my focus from the mechanics of machines to the mechanics of the body. I have come to find the latter significantly more fascinating.

Pilates Coach und deine Personal Trainerin Valeria Perrelli

What My Clients Say...

"Ora, this is personal training at its best! Valeria has the gift of seeing exactly where the problem lies. She develops an individual training plan, which is adjusted again and again every hour. These are exercises that challenge you, but don't overwhelm you. From hour to hour you build up your condition and you will be surprised what you can do after 5 hours. Valeria motivates, corrects and is super likeable. The hour of personal training flies by like in
flight and afterwards you feel really good. More than recommended. Essential for a healthy life!
(Translated by Google)

Andrea Felix-Dalichow - 5 Stars on Google

"Valeria is the best Pilates instructor I ever trained with, she is very kind, very patient and full of knowledge. The studio is very clean and when I step in I feel so relax and so peaceful. There are many good equipments. The studio also located in very convenient area, easy to find parking and around the corner from shopping area, coffee shop and restaurants."

Siriwat S. - 5 Stars on Google

"Beautiful space, very upscale and in the middle of the city. The large Pilates machines take the training to a completely different level. And Valeria is simply a great trainer: super competent, personable and emphatic. I can recommend her and her studio to anyone interested in effective personal training." (Translated by Google)

Raphael Kommor - 5 Stars on Google

"Valeria is AMAZING! I’m so grateful I found her for a session while in Cologne on business. She used the reformer, tower, barrel, chair and mat which challenged me while stretching out my travel weary body. Great repertoire and I highly recommend a visit to her lovely serene studio. Fresh air and bird song zen. Thank you!"

Sara Toffoli - 5 Stars on Google

You can read more reviews on Google and ProvenExpert


Right in the middle of downtown Cologne, just 100 meters away from Friesenplatz, my Boutique Studio for Personal Training on the Pilates Apparatus offers you an oasis in the heart of the city; a special place, where to train privately and under professional supervision. The following advantages await you:

  • Individual training in your preferred language: German, English or Italian. I also speak French, Spanish and Swedish.

  • Generous opening hours until late in the evening.

  • The space is completely reserved for you: your training will be far from the discomfort of crowded studios.

  • The minimalist style and the airy space with high walls give you the opportunity to focus only on yourself, your body and the training.

  • State-of-the-art new Pilates Equipment, including the popular Pilates Reformer (Allegro), as well as smaller props that make it possible to tailor each workout to your needs and goals.

  • During the warm-up lying on the Allegro you look at the (hopefully blue) sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I achieve through Pilates?

A strong, flexible and balanced body, which forms a good basis for a healthy lifestyle and helps you to easily manage the small and big challenges of everyday life. In addition, Pilates brings you more energy and drive. Pilates is both preventive and rehabilitative: If you suffer from back and neck pain or similar problems, these can be alleviated and even eliminated through regular Pilates training. At the same time, the training ensures a fit, mobile and healthy body long-term. It prevents physical impairment and counteracts aging processes.

Don’t just take my word for it, visit my Ora Pilates studio in Cologne city center and experience for yourself the healing power of Pilates.

Is Pilates Training strenuous?

Pilates is a very special kind of full body workout. It is about concentration, control and precision rather than fast and numerous repetitions.
One of the main goals of Pilates is to train the deeper muscles through specific exercises. Through flowing movements paired with the rhythm of your breath, the focus is (re)directed to the present moment, thereby reducing stress and improving concentration.
The repertoire of Pilates exercises on all apparatus (including the mat) is diverse, which allows for very varied training. The exercise modifications and the additional use of small props also serve to tailor the program to your individual needs. In conclusion, one can say that Pilates training is just as demanding and strenuous as is necessary and desired for your goals and based on your individual needs.
I encourage you to visit my Pilates studio in Cologne for your first training session.

Is Pilates the same as Yoga?

Yoga and Pilates are two different disciplines. These are often offered in the same studios, and mentioned side by side in ads and offers because they have some similarities. For instance, both pursuits have a holistic approach and focus on breathing.

The main differences lie in the objectives and the way of training. Yoga is traditionally practiced to prepare the body for meditation, and the training consists of static positions (asanas) and more or less dynamic transitions.
Pilates, on the other hand, consists of exercises and movements designed to improve your overall condition.

Pilates is also about the connection between body and mind, nevertheless this is achieved through body work. To learn more in detail about the differences and similarities between Pilates and yoga, I recommend reading my blog post (in German) on the topic.

For whom is Pilates suitable?

The Pilates training method is truly suitable for EVERYONE. A lesson can be designed and adapted in many ways, especially via personal training. Thus, the offer is beneficial for athletes, sports lovers as well as for people who want to stay fit and improve their health.

Is Pilates too easy for men?

Pilates can be adapted to any fitness level - especially in personal training. This sport works the deep muscles, requires focus, coordination and control, and can even be very athletic.

Christiano Ronaldo, Sylvester Stallone, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Andy Murray, David Beckham and Hugh Grant – just to name a few - are known to practice Pilates.
In addition, Josef Pilates, who developed this method, was himself a man.

If you think Pilates is too easy, whatever your gender, my equipment and I look forward to challenging you and showing you the contrary - challenge accepted!

How often should you do Pilates?

One training session at the Ora Pilates Studio lasts 60 minutes and is prepared based on your personal goals and starting condition. Also, every session is documented and taken into account when preparing the following one, so that your progress keeps moving forward.

Therefore, regular exercise is recommended for best results. One session of 60 minutes per week is enough if you practice another activity during the week (e.g., a Pilates group course or jogging, swimming, etc.). If you are really committed and want to go all-in with Pilates personal training, 2-3 sessions per week will help you achieve your personal fitness goals effectively and in the long-term.

Generally, you will observe noticeable changes and the first successes after 5 to 10 weeks of regular training (at least 1x week).
The Ora Pilates Studio in Cologne offers you an optimal, private and familiar atmosphere to achieve your individual goals.

When can I expect the first results?

The personal training I offer is tailored to your personal goals. With my support and my coaching, as well as the Pilates method and the Pilates apparatus, you will notice the first results after just a few sessions. The exact timing is very individual: experience has shown one notices a positive difference after 5 sessions (when doing Pilates at least 1 per week), sometimes even after one single training.

At the same time, I would like to recommend that you focus on your own perception and experience instead of the visibility of the results. Typically reported results are: feeling stronger, standing and sitting more upright or noticing a better posture, improved. General well-being, more energy, relieved tension, etc.
Such great successes are not necessarily visible. Moreover, a specific body shape is not always indicative of health and fitness levels.
The positive external changes that you see over time are a nice “side effect” you achieve with this type of training.

Is Pilates Training safe during pregnancy?

Pilates is an excellent exercise during pregnancy. There are some precautions to take into account depending on the trimester. If you wish to know the details about these, you can read my blog post about the subject (in German).

In addition to my two certification programs for Mat and Studio, I have also completed several further training courses, including one regarding Prenatal Pilates. As a certified, competent and conscientious Pilates teacher, I have already supported several pregnant women with suitable trainings in order for them to stay fit and strong during this special time, and to prepare themselves physically for the time following birth. 

What is Body Positivity and what does "Pilates for EVERY BODY" mean?

It is important to me that everyone feels welcome while training with me, just as they are.
The Pilates method has a strong connection to dance, as Pilates represents an excellent complementary workout to it. Unfortunately, the dance world is heavily influenced by strict expectations of body size and shape. Since many Pilates teachers have a dance background, these schemes have been passed on and have contributed to the definition of the Pilates Body: a slim, well-toned body, which has often led to discrimination in the courses.
As a matter of fact, these prejudices are very common in the whole fitness industry and in our modern society in general, supported by mainstream media and the diet industry. The latter ultimately only has an interest in people (especially women) becoming or staying overweight so that a constant and ever-increasing revenue is generated.

This is, of course, a very simplistic summary of a highly complex subject… But getting to the point: you've probably been to a gym class, where it was just natural for the instructor to talk badly about body fat and food and use that as motivation for the next set of sit-ups. Maybe you even had a personal trainer, who worked with you that way. Research and studies have shown that this type of rhetoric ruins our relationship with food and our bodies, and contributes to developing eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors.

That's why my personal training and my online class are 100% free of such negative references and expressions.

What is Ora Pilates Studio's philosophy?

Knowing one’s own body and understanding its signals is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

Our body actually knows exactly what we need. Nonetheless, due to our mostly hectic everyday life, increasingly taking place sitting in front of screens, we experience more and more difficulties in correctly interpreting the signals it sends us – until they manifest in more extreme ways, for instance as pain and tension. Therefore, in my personal training, conscious body-awareness plays a central role.

In my new Pilates studio in Cologne, I help you through targeted exercises to restore the connection to your body and to stay healthy and fit in the long term

Pilates is all (or mostly) about your core: through the training you strengthen the deep muscles of your entire body, with a special focus on your torso, but the positive effect goes far beyond that. During Pilates Training, through conscious movement and breathing, you will bring your body and mind into balance, improving your concentration levels while reducing stress.

All of these positive effects of regular training are enhanced and supported by elements of mindfulness and meditation, which are an important part of each and every one of my Pilates classes. I want you to feel completely present in the moment and connected with yourself and your body while exercising.
That's why my studio is called “Ora”, the Italian word for “now”.

Where is the studio located?

The studio has been located at Magnusstraße 18a since June 2021. The entrance is through a red door, just across the wider street from the Pullman Hotel.
The studio space is very bright and airy thanks to the very high ceilings (3.5 – 6.5 meters). Since it faces the inner courtyard, it is also relatively quiet – at least for Cologne downtown standards.

How does a personal training session work?

Your first personal Pilates training session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. When you book your first session, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a form. (You can also take a look at the form here and download it if necessary).

Please note: this step is very important! There are hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire and I need to select about 10-12 exercises, which are best suited for you in your first session, mainly based on the information you provide me in this form. The same email also contains all practical information you need for your first visit to the studio.

On the day of your first training, you should ideally be at the studio 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time, so that you have enough time to change (if you are already wearing your training clothes, you do not need this extra time, of course).
We will start your session with an informal chat to get to know each other, where we discuss, among other things, the form you submitted. I may ask questions to get a better picture of you and your general situation. Based on the information and impressions I have collected, I can – if needed - adapt the training prepared in advance.

Finally, YOUR training can start! If thus far you only trained on the mat, you will have a completely new movement experience and definitely a lot of fun!

In case you booked a package, during your first or second session we will go through some short exercises, which are considered a compact fitness test. But do not let the name put you off! They are really not about doing well or achieving a certain performance: these exercises give me an even better picture of what should be the focus of your complete training program, extended throughout the sessions I will coach you through.

Do you also offer group classes?

In my studio, I only offer personal training. This can be an individual training, or you can train in pairs. You can find the conditions for duo-trainings here.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough room for Pilates group classes in person at the studio. That's why I offer a live online option every Monday at 5 p.m.

What do I need to do Pilates?

To train with me at the studio you need:

  • clothes, in which you can move easily and comfortably
  • a towel, if you like.

When choosing your clothes, I would ask you to refrain from clothing with pins, zippers and metal accessories and to remove any jewelry before we start. We train on the latest, very high-quality Balanced Body® equipment, whose padding could be damaged by such objects.

The devices are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use; thus, you are not required to use a towel while training on them. This is of course up to you. A towel can definitely be useful after training, though: although there are no showers available, you can freshen up in the restrooms if necessary.

You do not need to take drinking water with you either, I will provide it.

Personal training is too expensive for me, are there other options to train with you?

I am aware that personal training is not a viable option for everyone, mainly for cost reasons. However, I would like to give everyone the opportunity to practice Pilates with me and therefore I offer a cheaper option, too.
Every Monday at 5 p.m. I give an online live Pilates class open to all levels, which only costs 10 €. Participation is fully flexible and does not require a subscription. 
This course is currently only offered in German.
You can find further information about the course here.

I find training with you great, is there any way I can further support you and your studio?

Since I only opened in 2021, my studio is still relatively new and navigating the aftermath of the pandemic has been no easy feat.

Your satisfaction and guaranteeing the highest quality service are my priorities.
If you have already trained with me (be it personal training in the studio on the equipment, online on the mat or in the live Pilates classes) or still regularly do and always look forward to your next session, I would be very grateful if you would write a review for me and shared your experience.
This supports my still young business, and makes it easier for other people with similar needs and goals to find me and my studio.

You can submit a Google review right here. If you don't have a Google account, you can leave a review here, by simply providing your name.

Thank you in advance! 😊

Ora Pilates Studio

Valeria Perrelli

Magnusstr. 18a
50672 Köln

0049 (0)152 578 812 82
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