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Airy Pilates Boutique Studio Koeln


Airy Pilates Boutique Studio Koeln

Understanding one’s body better

Nowadays we spend a lot of time sitting, mostly in front of screens. Especially in winter we spend most of our time indoors staring at the artificial light from smartphones or computers instead of taking advantage of the few hours of sunshine to get some movement outside. Can this be healthy?

Our body actually knows exactly what is good for us, but this lifestyle makes it more and more difficult to correctly perceive the signals it sends us – that is, until they make themselves noticeable, for example, as pain and tension.

Understanding and listening to our own body is essential for a healthy lifestyle. That is why conscious body-awareness plays a central role in my personal training. Through Pilates specific exercises I will help you to re-establish the connection to your body and to stay healthy and fit in the long term.

Being in the Present Moment

Ora, the name of my studio, is the Italian word meaning "now". I want you to be present in the moment and with yourself during training. That is why elements of mindfulness and meditation flow into each of my sessions.

Pilates is all about your inner center in several ways. Through the exercises you strengthen the deep muscles of the whole body, especially the core, but the positive effect goes far beyond that: through conscious movement and breathing you bring body and mind into balance, improve your concentration and reduce stress levels.

Happiness and Wellbeing through Pilates

Joseph Pilates said, "Physical fitness is the first requirement for happiness". From my own experience, I am also strongly convinced that Pilates contributes to a healthy and happy life in the long term.

And everyone can benefit from this positive effect - regardless of age, gender, fitness or body size. Indeed, I adapt the personal training to your individual needs in order to promote positive body awareness and increase your well-being.

And if Pilates can make us all a little happier, then it is not just a personal gain, but also a collective one for society.

Ora Pilates Studio

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